NPC Interaction Method Part 1: Initial Concepts

Back in Episode 4 I summarized the method I planned on using for determining NPC responses during social interaction encounters.  Now that I have played through it a few times in the last few episodes with multiple NPC’s, I think it is good enough to post here with all my tables, explanations, and logic.  ToContinue reading “NPC Interaction Method Part 1: Initial Concepts”

The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 7

Last Session Recap:  As the party made their way up the main road toward The Last Hand Inn, they were ambushed by a group of Shadows.  Thanks to Quarthon’s radiant damage dealing spells the Shadows were defeated without much trouble, but Mushman took a few hits that drained his strength making movement a bit difficultContinue reading “The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 7”

The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 6

Last Session Recap:  The party left The Rare Well Tavern expecting to meet Fredrik outside so they could follow him back to his home to gather information and to rest.  Unfortunately, Fredrik was nowhere to be found – he had seemingly vanished without a trace.  Without any indication of where he could have gone, theContinue reading “The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 6”

The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 5

Last Session Recap:  After serendipitously finding Mushman’s Uncle, Fredrik Savige, sitting off in a corner of The Rare Well Tavern, Mushman approached him to find out if he could offer the party any help or information.  Meanwhile, Elyon and Quarthon, sitting back at their table, were confronted by a new NPC named Damon Nye, whoContinue reading “The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 5”

The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 4

Last Episode Recap:  In the last episode, the party managed to quickly find a tavern in the small hamlet of Beethorp, called The Rare Well Tavern, just adjacent to the market area.  After some interaction with the tavern’s owner, Rytha, they sat down to a meal and continued to notice things about the tavern andContinue reading “The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 4”

Adding Mythic and Hacking Scene Modifications

I am taking a break from the campaign narrative for a bit while I work my way through all the new resources I have acquired and figure out which elements to incorporate into my game and how.  As I mentioned in my last post, Mythic, Mythic Variations 2, and UNE have all made it intoContinue reading “Adding Mythic and Hacking Scene Modifications”

The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 3

In the last episode, the party embarked on their second day of travel making their way to the area where Mushman’s uncle is believed to be located.  The characters are hoping that his uncle will be able to provide some information that will be helpful to the characters on their respective quests:  for Mushman, itContinue reading “The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 3”

The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 2

On the first day of travel the party of Elyon, Quarthon, and Mushman followed the road leading southwest out of Fywold along the shoreline.  Outside of a few conversations between the characters, the dice made the day rather uneventful – pretty much just a day-long trek through the grassland.  Hopefully there will be a bitContinue reading “The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 2”

The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 1

So the day has finally arrived.  The party of Elyon, Quarthon, and Mushman set off to find Mushman’s uncle who is believed to have information that might help them on their respective quests:  for Elyon and Quarthon it is the location of Harthdale and for Mushman it is some sort of evidence that he wasContinue reading “The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 1”

Oracles, Double Oracles, and Reverse Skill Checks: An Introduction

In the process of writing Episode 1 of The Elyon Chronicles (which I am still working on), I found there was a need to explain a couple of the more unique mechanical elements of my solo game: my Yes/No Oracle, Double Oracles, and Reverse Skill Checks.  Because I use these three things so regularly, IContinue reading “Oracles, Double Oracles, and Reverse Skill Checks: An Introduction”

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