The Elyon Chronicles – Episode 5

Last Session Recap:  After serendipitously finding Mushman’s Uncle, Fredrik Savige, sitting off in a corner of The Rare Well Tavern, Mushman approached him to find out if he could offer the party any help or information.  Meanwhile, Elyon and Quarthon, sitting back at their table, were confronted by a new NPC named Damon Nye, who introduced himself as some kind of lieutenant to Symund Aver, the local lord of Beethorp.  Despite Damon’s overt politeness, Elyon and Quarthon suspected that this was nothing more than an act only increasing their belief that something troublesome was hanging over this little hamlet.

Unfortunately, Fredrik did not divulge anything useful to Mushman in the end.  Instead, he invited the party back to his home for the night where he agreed to answer any questions they might have.

Idwar, 12th of Zopha 1343 – Night, continued.  In The Rare Well Tavern, Beethorp

Mission:  Follow Fredrik back to his home and see what he knows.

Is there a scene modification? 1d6=1, 2d4=4,4.  Yes, the scene is altered.

To determine the nature of the alteration I will use the “Table for When Everything is Not as Expected” from MUNE.  1d10=8, Remove Major Element.

At this point of the episode, the only major element I can think of to remove is Fredrik himself.  Perhaps this scene modification might be more of an “interrupt” rather than an “alteration” since without Fredrik the party won’t be able to pursue the intended course of the scene – but I am ok with that because it creates a new mystery of where he went off to and adds “Find Mushman’s Uncle” back to the thread list.


Led by Mushman, the party heads back outside to the pathway leading up to the tavern expecting to find Fredrik there waiting for them.  Curiously, though, he is nowhere to be seen.

Quarthon:  I thought you said your uncle would be waiting for us, Mushman?

Mushman:  That’s what he said…he must be around here somewhere.  Fredrik?!! (he calls out, but there is no response).  Where could he have gone?

Mushman searches around the nearby area continuing to call out.


Would Mushman be successful at finding anything if it were there? Perception Check. 1d20+0=3 (Very Unlikely).  1d20=3d4=-6 (3,8).  No.

Would Elyon or Quarthon notice anything using their Passive Perception?

Elyon’s Passive Perception: 7 (Somewhat Unlikely), 1d20-1d4=16 (1,5).  Yes.
Quarthon’s Passive Perception: 16.  Automatic Yes since Elyon’s 7 already succeeded.

Is there anything to find?  1d100=56 (50/50).  1d20=7 (1,1).  No, but…

What is the nature of the “but?”  Admission, Explosion,Turgid.  Looking up “turgid” I will use the definition of “excessively embellished in style or language.”  So I think this refers to an NPC heading toward the tavern to get in (admission) who seems to be making overly exaggerated gestures as he walks, like he is talking to himself (explosion, turgid).

Is this correct? 1d100=43(50/50) 1d20=11 (2,2) Yes, but…upon seeing the party he changes direction and heads away from the tavern.

Does this appear to be a man (1,2,3) or woman (4,5,6)? 1d6=2.  It is a man.


After spending a few moments looking around, Mushman finds no trace of Fredrik.  Elyon and Quarthon do not notice anything either but out of the corner of their eyes, they see a figure of a man approaching the tavern making wild gestures with his arms.  He appears to be bald with a thin mustache and wearing modest traveling clothes.  Just before the man reaches the tavern’s entry path he sees the party standing around and abruptly changes direction without a word, heading away.

Mushman (finally noticing the man as well, calls out to see if he may have passed by Fredrik at any point):  Sir!  Sir!  May I have a moment of your time?


Just quickly rolling a random worldview modifier and mood score for the man:  His Worldview Modifier is -1, PC Reputation Modifier is 0 and his current Mood Score based on those is 30 (Withdrawn) -1.

Does the NPC respond to Mushman?  Somewhat Unlikely due to the -1.  1d20-1d4=7 (1,2).  No.  He keeps walking.

I think the party needs to go back into the tavern to see if they can get some directions to Fredrik’s house.


Much to Mushman’s chagrin the man ignores his call and keeps on walking until he disappears into the darkness of the night.

Mushman:  How rude?  Well, I have no idea where Fredrik could have gone to.  Maybe he got impatient and just went home without us – although it couldn’t have taken me more than a couple of minutes to finish my supper so I find that hard to believe.

Elyon:  Or maybe something happened to him. Didn’t you say that there was some sort of bad blood between your uncle and that Nye person?

Mushman:  Yes, it seemed that way to me.  Are you suggesting that Fredrik was assaulted?

Elyon:  I don’t know what I am suggesting to be honest.  I just know that things aren’t right in this town.

Quarthon:  Let’s not jump to any conclusion just yet, my friends.  There isn’t any evidence around to indicate there was a struggle in the few minutes Fredrik may have been out here.  I suggest we go back into the tavern to see if anyone can give us directions to his house so we can look for him there.

The party reenters the tavern and walks up to the bar where Rytha is standing.

Rytha:  Back so soon?

Mushman:  The man I was speaking with earlier – Fredrik.  He is my uncle and we made arrangements to follow him back to his residence where we could stay the night, but he seems to have vanished.  Is there any chance you know where he lives so we can join him?


I already have some information on Rytha from before I started working with my NPC Interaction method, but let’s start filling in some of the other blanks of her NPC block.

Name: Rytha Phery
Description:  slight build, medium length red hair, pointed ears of having elvish ancestry (elf/half-elf)
Personality: Wildly Amused
Identity: Tavern Owner/Barkeep
Motivations: I won’t determine this just yet.
Worldview Modifier: +2
PC Reputation Modifier: 0
Combined Modifier: +2 (Trusting)
Her Current Mood: 59 Polite (+1)

Rytha’s Response: 1d20+1=18, Positive Mood Shift (1d4=4×5) Mood Score Increased to 79 Sociable (+2).  Because Mushman introduced himself as Fredrik’s nephew, Rytha probably became more comfortable with the PC’s.

Does she respond?  Likely due to the Sociable (+2): 1d20+2d4=13 (2,4).  Yes.

Does she know where Fredrik lives?  1d100=83 (Somewhat Likely). 1d20+1d4=7 (1,4).  No, she doesn’t.

This result seems strange to me given that Rytha obviously knew who Fredrik was and as tavern owner she should be in a unique position to know about these kinds of things in the town.  So why doesn’t Rytha know where Fredrik lives?  I will use the Detail Check from Mythic Variations 2 to get some inspiration: Favors Thread – Stop the Plague in Kalavath.  Given the context, I think the reason Rytha doesn’t know is somehow similar to the plague currently ravaging Kalavath rather than being directly connected to it.  Looking back, the purpose of the plague was to expel any non-elven humanoids from Kalavath and keep them out.  Similar to that, maybe Fredrik is taking steps to keep people away from his home by hiding its whereabouts somehow or otherwise keeping it very private.  That certainly would be consistent with one of his motivations that suggested he just wants to be left alone.


Rytha: I am terribly sorry, but I actually don’t know where Fredrik lives.  Although he comes in here quite regularly, he is a very private person and has never mentioned to me where he lives – nor do I pry about such things.

Mushman:  Hmmmm…alright.  Thanks anyway.  

He turns away from the bar to overlook the tavern’s common room where two patrons still sit:  the man with the limp and the woman with her hair in a bun.

Mushman:  Perhaps one of the other patrons might have some idea of where Fredrik could be?  (He walks toward the man with the limp).  Good evening, sir.  We are looking for the man who was in here earlier, Fredrik Savige.  Do you happen to know him or where we could possibly find him?


Rolling up a random Worldview Modifier for the Male Patron, I get a -1.  Combining this with the 0 PC Reputation Modifier and rolling on the Mood Table, his current Mood Score is 90, Forthcoming (+3).  Is there a reason why this person is in such a good mood?  Is he drunk?  1d100=70 (Somewhat Likely). 1d20+1d4=11 (4,4).  Yes, and..he is so drunk that he is barely comprehensible.

Male Patron’s Response: 1d20+3=10, Expected action.

Does he respond?  Very Likely due to the Forthcoming +3.  1d20+3d4=20 (4,9) Yes.

Does he know the whereabouts of Fredrik’s home?  1d100=64 (50/50) 1d20=1 (2,2) No, but…he often sees him in a certain part of town so maybe it is in that general area.  Assuming it must be somewhere north of the tavern, I will roll for a northerly compass direction with a d6 (1,2=NW; 3,4=N; 5,6=NE).  1d6=5 so it is northeast of the tavern, possibly along the lake shore which lies to the east of the town.


Male Patron (slurring heavily):  Huh?  Fredrik…(burps).  Yeah, I know Fredriks …(hiccup)…but not where he livers, though…not escactly.  (He begins to sway in his seat a bit as he looks up to Mushman).  I sees him all the time up on the norsheast side of town near the lake. He must life near there, I think.

Mushman (skeptical given the man’s inebriated state):  Are you sure you have seen him there?  Would you be able to lead us there, maybe?


I am going to have Mushman make an Insight Check given his level of skepticism.  If the male patron was being deceptive, would Mushman pick up on anything?  1d20+2=10 (50/50).  1d20=7 (3,4).  No.  While it does not appear the man is being less than truthful, he is so wasted that it is hard to judge one way or the other.

How does the male patron respond?  1d20+3=16, Expected Action.

Does he agree to take the party to the area?  Very likely due to the Forthcoming (+3). 1d20+3d4=19 (1,10).  Yes, with a random event.

What is the Event Focus using Mythic? PC Negative – Elyon, with event descriptors of: attainment, ambush.  I doubt this refers to an attack given the situation.  More likely I think that while Mushman is haggling with the Male Patron, the Female Patron comes up to Elyon and confronts him about something.

What does the Female Patron confront Elyon about?  NPC Bearing/Focus:  The NPC shows their knowledge by telling Elyon something about retainers.  In this case, the retainer refers to the party’s attempt to get the drunk, Male Patron to lead them to the area where Fredrik’s home possibly is.


Male Patron:  Sure thing, I’ll take you there.  I can tell you and me have lots in common.  (He gives Mushman a wink).  Less go!

The make patron stands up from his chair and reaches out toward Mushman.  He quickly loses his balance, though, causing him to immediately sit back down.  With a big gulp of air and a swallow, he puts his hand over his mouth as if to hold back some vomit that started making its way into his mouth.  Seeing the patron nearly getting sick, Quarthon steps forward.

Quarthon: Hold on – maybe it would best if we wait until morning when our friend here is feeling better.  We can go back to our original plan of staying at the inn tonight and focus on finding Fredrik when it’s daylight.

Mushman (looking somewhat disgusted by nearly getting puked on):  That is probably a good idea.  What do you say?  Can you meet us back here in the morning to bring us to the place where you often see Fredrik?

The drunken tavern patron nearly barfs on Mushman.


Male Patron’s Reponse: 1d20+3=20, Random Action +4.  1d12+4+3=8, Takes an Ambiguous Action.


The Male Patron just stares blankly at Mushman and Quarthon, his eyes glazed over in a drunken delirium. He blinks several times as if to regain his focus and furrows his brow in confusion.

Meanwhile, Eylon, who had stayed at the bar watching the exchange with the Male Patron, senses someone taking a seat next to him.  Looking over, he sees that the Female Patron had made her way over while Elyon was distracted.

Female Patron:  You are wasting your time with him, you know.  I watched him get lost on his way to the latrine a few minutes ago so I doubt he will remember ever meeting you in the morning.

Elyon:  You may be right about that, but it’s the only lead we have so far about where to find my friend’s uncle.  Do you have any idea where he could be?


Rolling a Random Worldview Modifier and Mood Score for the Female Patron: +3 and 72, Sociable (+2).

Does she respond?  1d20+2=6, Random Action (+2).  1d12+2+2=10, Tells the PC Something.

What does she tell Elyon about?  NPC Bearing/Focus.  The NPC is mysterious about some enigma in the community.  

Does she give any details about the “enigma?”  Likely due to the Sociable (+2).  1d20+2d4=20 (7,8)  Yes.  What is the nature of the community enigma?  Recover Faith.  Back in Episode 2 when the party was dealing with the situation with the young thief and merchant, the young thief kind of suggested that there was something brewing that might be challenging Symund Aver and his oppressive regime.  I think the Recover Faith references this same thing – there is something in the background giving the people hope for change.

Does she know anything further about what could be going on?  1d100=15 (Unlikely).  1d20-2d4=9 (5,6).  No.


Female Patron (giving Elyon a mysterious smile):  I overheard your conversation with Nye earlier and about how you helped out the little boy.  There are good things happening in Beethorp – things that are giving us poor folk reason to be hopeful.  Your generosity is another sign of that, I think.

Elyon:  What do you mean?  I only did what I felt was right.  It was not my intention to get involved in whatever could be going on in this town.


Female Patron Response:  1d20+2=11, Expected Action.

If she has something else to tell Elyon, does she?  Likely due to the Sociable (+2).  1d20+2d4=11 (3,4).  Yes.

I already know the Female Patron doesn’t know any more details about what could be going on.  Does she have reason to believe that the party was unsuccessful in their efforts to stay out of things?  1d100=82 (Somewhat Likely).  1d20+1d4=13 (2,2).  Yes, but…she can’t be sure.  She is only making an assumption based on Nye going out of his way to check up on the party.


Female Patron:  It may have been your intention to not get involved, but with Nye taking a personal interest in you and what your plans are in Beethorp I would say that you have become involved whether you like it or not.

Elyon (shaking his head):  We just need to find Fredrik to ask him some questions and then we will be on our way.  I sense that you and the rest of the town are suffering at the hands of this Aver person, and believe me when I say I feel great remorse over your plight – but my cousin and I have much larger issues that we need to focus on.  We are no threat to Aver and whatever it is he might be doing.


Female Patron Response:  1d20+2=22, Random Action (+4).  1d12+4+2=17.  Offers something as a gift.  Does she know the area the drunk Male Patron is talking about and offers to lead the party there herself?  1d100=98 (Near Certain).  1d20+4d4=20 (1,10).  Yes.


Female Patron:  I’ll tell you what – don’t worry about him.  (She motions to the Male Patron who is still swaying in his chair giving Mushman and Quarthon puzzled looks).  I know the area he is talking about and can bring you and your friends there if you would like.  Just come back here first thing in the morning – I promise I will be here to meet you.

Elyon:  Really?!  That would be spectacular.  Is there something you would want in return for your trouble?


Female Patron’s Response:  1d20+2=11, Expected Action.

Does she want anything in return?  In this case, I will treat this a bit backward and say it is Unlikely due to her being Sociable (+2).  1d20-2d4=10 (2,5).  No.

If she has anything further to say, does she say it?  Likely due the Sociable (+2).  1d20+2d4=12 (1,8).  Yes, with a random event.

Does she have anything further to say?  1d100=52 (50/50).  1d20=2 (2,3).  No.

What is the focus of the random event?  Remote Event.

Does the party know about this event?  1d100=21 (Somewhat Unlikely).  1d20-1d4=1 (4,4).  No and…it would be impossible for them to find out about it in the short term.  So I think in this case the event concerns something that is happening back in Kalavath.  I will make a note in those threads that there is an unresolved random event that happened at this point in time unbeknownst to the characters.  I will resolve it if and when they either go back to Kalavath or receive some kind of information about what could be happening there.


Female Patron:  I don’t need any sort of compensation.  I would be heading over in that direction anyway so it is really no trouble at all.

Elyon:  I must insist that we give you something in appreciation for your help.  Here, take this gold piece if for no other reason than to make me feel better.

Elyon reaches into his pouch, pulls out a single gold piece, and offers it to the Female Patron.


Female Patron Response: 1d20+2=5, Random Event (+2).  1d12+2+2=5, Tries to end the encounter.


Female Patron (ignoring the coin in Elyon’s outstretched hand)Like I said, just make sure you are here at sun-up to meet me, okay?  (She stands to leave).  Now, I’m afraid I must wish you a good night.  If you head north straight up the main road and you will find The Last Hand quickly enough for you to spend the night.

Elyon (withdrawing the coin back into his pouch):  Of course, the inn we have heard so much about.  Well, thank you very much for everything and good night to you as well miss….ummm, I don’t think you have mentioned your name.

Female Patron:  Marianna.  My name is Marianna.

Elyon:  Marianna – what a lovely name.  So good night Marianna and we will see you in the morning.

Marianna heads toward the tavern exit passing by Mushman, Quarthon, and the Male Patron just as the man falls out of his chair onto the floor unconscious.  Behind the bar, Rytha flails her arms in aggravation before disappearing into the kitchen area.

Elyon walks up to Mushman and Quarthon, slapping them both on the back,

Elyon (chuckling):  So how goes it? Any luck getting him to help us?

Quarthon (shaking his head):  I don’t think this man will be of any use to us I am afraid.

Mushman:  I wouldn’t say that – he just needs to sober up a bit and he will be fine.  (Mushman crouches down beside the unconscious man and starts gently slapping his face).  Sir! Sir! Wake up!

Elyon:  Just leave him be, Mushman.  While you two were over here negotiating with a drunk, I was speaking with the other patron – Marianna was her name.  She agreed to bring us to the area this man was talking about so there is no need for us to bother him any further.

Quarthon:  Oh really, Elyon?  Do you think she can be trusted?


I didn’t have Elyon make an Insight Check during his conversation with Marianna since I didn’t think Elyon would have had a reason to disbelieve her at the time.  Now that Quarthon has raised the possibility, though, Elyon would probably try to see if he remembers anything about her demeanor that would indicate deception.  Since Elyon will be relying on only his memories of the conversation, I will make the check with a -4 penalty.

Did Elyon pick up on anything that would suggest Marianna was being deceptive?  1d20+0-4=-4 (Impossible), 1d20-5d4=-5 (14,15).  No.


Elyon:  I have no reason to doubt her intentions, Quarthon.  She even refused compensation when I offered it to her.

Quarthon:  Okay then, I am sure your instincts are correct…So there doesn’t seem to be anything further we can do tonight.  Shall we try to find the inn on the outskirts of town?

Mushman (standing back up):  Yes, let’s just get there as soon as we can.  It has been a very strange day indeed and I am looking forward to a good night’s rest.

Elyon:  It shouldn’t be too hard for us to find.  Marianna said that we just need to follow the main road north.

Rytha appears from the back kitchen area carrying a large pitcher of water.  She walks in between Mushman and Quarthon and pours the water onto the unconscious man face, startling him awake.

Rytha:  Alright you!  Wake up!

Male Patron (using his hands to wipe the water off his face):  What?  What happened?  Where am I?  How did I get on the floor?

Rytha:  You had a bit too much fun this evening, but the party’s over now.  Time to go home!

The Male Patron stands up, dripping.  He scans the party looking utterly confused.

Male Patron:  Do I know you?

Mushman:  You don’t need to concern yourself with us.  We were just talking amongst ourselves when we saw you fall from your chair and we ran over to see if you were well.  I would suggest taking Rytha’s advice and head home for some sleep.  I am sure you will feel better in the morning.

Male Patron (nodding in agreement)Yes.  That is probably a good idea.  Thank you for checking on me.

The Male Patron groggily shuffles to the exit and makes his way out of the tavern.

After a few having a few laughs with Rytha over the situation, the party bids her a good night for a second time and exits the tavern themselves.  Next stop:  The Last Hand.

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